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Episode 1

Published on:

4th Oct 2021

What Brought You to & What Keeps You in the Work?

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In our inaugural episode, we figure it's worth digging into our origins and constants - why YOU, why THIS work? Along the path Ben shares spiritual experiences and inherent empathy guiding the evolution of his 'Faith,' while Blakely took her own pathway of persistent Curiosity and early frustrations with injustice in the world.

A few notes:

We don't edit our (mostly Blakely's) cursing in this or any episodes.

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Stay tuned, helpers. We're so glad you're here.

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Being the Work
Getting real about the lives of mental health professionals
Conversations with therapists, for therapists courageously cracking into our unspoken experiences. We seek to put voice to taboo topics in the helping professions, deepen our connections to each other, and ask the difficult questions of what it is to be fully human and a helper at the same time.
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