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Episode 2

Published on:

11th Oct 2021

Which Watershed Moments Led You to The Work?

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In our second episode, to continue in exploration of WHY we're here, Ben and Blakely share stories regarding those watershed moments in life which led our path to the helping work. Ben took a 'no' and turned it into a 'hell yes,' while Blakely decided she could do it better than Dr. Phil. Thanks, as always, for tuning in to join us in exploring all the tricky aspects of doing and being the work.

A few FYIs:

-we swear sometimes; this is an uncensored show

-Stephen King writes some damn good books

-Further reading on Phenomenology, "Researching Lived Experience" by Van Manen

And remember, we're not YOUR helpers. Everything here is oir opinion, not intended as professional advice. Get the help you need, when you need it, where you need it. Here are a few resources for mental health support for you and those you love:

National Alliance on Mental Illness

US Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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